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Microl Remedies is an ISO certified company with CAA approved total range of products for Sanitation, Pond water & soil management, Hepatopancreas & Gut Health management for better FCR, emergency D.O supplements, Macro- Micro Nutrients and Vitamin supplements, all the needed Pro & Prebiotics, binding agents for top dressing, all the products are free from antibiotics.

Microl Remedies is the first organization in the private sector to start a full pledged laboratory as early as 1992 at Bhimavaram, the hub of aquaculture in India for testing water parameters feed and seed quality to support the aqua culture activity.

Also the very first company to identify the need of probiotics for sustainable culture hence developed an indigenous Probiotic in 1992 “Micro Bacter”.

Highly qualified and extensively travelled second generation has given a boost to the total activities of Microl Remedies.

Brining international products from Italy, France, Germany & Slovenia, state of the art production facility for probiotics, developing different strains to suit the culture needs, developing testing facility to study the efficacy of new products, improved high density culture practices nursery tank systems

All the achievements of Microl Remedies are mainly due to its dedicated team work of staff members at all levels.

Relentless efforts of Microl Remedies team are in the process of developing new feed formulation for high density practices.



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